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Go Games U11's Football Rules

Go Games u11 football rules 2


To enable players perform the underlying technical skills accurately and consistently in an open competitive environment and assist with the development of team play i.e. where players anticipate who should go where in order to maximise/minimise scores/scoring opportunities.

Playing Rules

  • Play to commence with a throw up in centre
  • Goalkeeper may advance 10m for a kick out
  • The player can carry the ball for one hop and one solo (or two solos)
  • The ball must be lifted off the ground using the toe.
  • ‘45’s’ are awarded. These will be taken from 40m out in line with where the ball went out of play.
  • A “square ball” will not be called by referees at this age.
  • No frees closer than 13m from the goals. (no Penalties)


Coaching Focus

  • High Catch
  • Crouch lift on the move
  • Traveling - solo and side step
  • Near hand tackle


Time Duration

  • 50 minute game.
  • 25 minutes per half.
  • 1 game per occasion.

Playing the Game

  • 11 v 11 (max), 9 v 9 (Minimum applicable from 2024 season)
  • (90-100m) x (40-50m) or 20m line to 20m line
  • Teams must be streamed according to ability


  • Portable Goal posts (15’ x 7’ or 4.5m x 2.2m).
  • 3 Smart Touch (Size 3) footballs - one placed behind either goal and one in play.

Recommended Playing Area

07 u11 football pitch 2023

Download Go Games U11's Football Rules. (Download Go Games U11's Football Rules [107kb]).

Notes on Streaming

Notes on Streaming: read notes on streaming here.