Sat, 25 March

Sprint Mechanics Drills

Things to Consider Before we Start

The Big Three.

To help sprinting mechanics think posture, leg action and arm action.

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This will in some way try to help these three things.

Split Squats on a Budget

I love split squats as a lower body exercise. Typically you would start with the rear foot on the ground, but, as players progress and get stronger the rear foot elevated version is required. The problem with this exercise is;

Sprinting Form For GAA Players – Part 2

Seeing as the last article was well received I have decided to delve a little bit deeper into this topic.

In the last article I mentioned wickets, what are they? Again, I'm not an athletics coach so of course there will be a dumbing down of some of the drills those guys use on a daily basis. GAA players are not track athletes however and we must also acknowledge that fact.

Proper Sprinting Form for GAA Players.

LaddersProper sprinting form for young Hurlers and Footballers is hard to coach but the juice is worth the squeeze in my opinion. I have experimented with acceleration ladders (old SAQ ladders that I repurposed actually) to aid in proper mechanics, I found it helped a bit.