Tue, 23 July

Camogie Skill Cards



  • Players adopt the ready position
  • Hold Hurley in Dominant hand across body
  • Shorten grip if necessary
  • CUP non-dominant hand
  • Move/adjust feet to position for catch
  • CUSHION ball by relaxing Chest/fingers
  • Catch Technique

    Catch Technique

    Beat the Circle - Teams of 5. One team passing within the circle while the opponents are running around in relay style around the circle. The number of catches executed while opponents run around the circle, determine the winners.


  • Adopt ready position
  • Slide non-dominant hand down handle for control
  • Use both sides of bas
  • Have heel of hurley on ground at beginning of dribble
  • Heel not to be raised above shin level when dribbling
  • Dribbling Technique

    Dribbling Technique

    Dribble and score - 3v3 in grid (25m x 10m). Team A tries to keep possession and passing only, with heel of hurley below knee level at all times. To score team A or B must dribble ball over their opposite end line. Play for a set period of time.
    Grip and Swing Ground Strike

    Grip and Swing Ground Strike

  • Adopt Ready Position
  • Ball in front of non-dominant foot
  • Elbows bent
  • Knees bent
  • Swing and strike ball flat on with bas with wristy action
  • Follow through to shoulder height
  • Transfer weight to non-dominant leg
  • Grip and Swing Ground Strike Technique

    Grip and Swing Ground Strike Technique

    Four Goal Game. 40m x 40m grid - 4/5 players per team. Goals 3m wide at each corner. Each team defends two goals. Each team can score through the other teams two goals. No guarding of goals allowed Guarding of goal (acting keeper) penalised by award of penalty from the mid point to grid into an empty goal.
    Roll Lift

    Roll Lift

  • Adopt Ready Position
  • Change to lifting position
  • Non-dominant foot alongside ball
  • Bend knees and back
  • Eyes on ball
  • Hurley almost parallel with ground with toe pointed to dominant side - thumbs pointed towards bas
  • Place hurley on ball, roll ball backwards, slide toe of hurley under ball to rise it
  • Catch ball in cupped non-dominant hand as low as possible.
  • Roll Lift Technique

    Roll Lift Technique

    Roll Lift Practice the technique. Musical chairs. 10 players and 10 sliotars spread randomly within a circle. Players jog around the circle. On signal from the coach players roll lift the ball. One ball now taken away and game continues. On next whistle player who fails to get a ball leaves the circle. The game continues until only one player is left.
    Striking from Hand

    Striking from the Hand

  • To provide a stable target for striking, the coach holds own rubber based hurley between knee and thigh for player to strike
  • Hurley is held at 90 degrees to forearm
  • toss imaginary ball in air from non-dominant hand
  • Non-dominant hand then goes into lock position
  • Player then strikes bas of coach's hurley
  • Ball/Balloon introduced - held in non-dominant hand. Shoulders and feet in line with target
  • Toss ball/balloon from non-dominant hand to shoulder height
  • Non-dominant hand then goes into lock position, elbow bent
  • Swing hurley downward - strike ball between knee and hip level
  • Weight transfer to non-dominant leg
  • Striking from the Hand Technique

    Striking from Hand Technique

    3 v 3 Two teams 3v3, in grid 40m x 20m. A line of cones is placed down the centre of the grid between the two teams. Each team tries to hit as many cones as possible over a set piece of time. To start the game one team strikes three sliotars, then opponents get a chance and so on.