Thu, 20 June

LGFA U11's Rules


To enable players perform the underlying technical skills accurately and consistently in open competitive environment and assist with the development of team play ie: where players anticipate who go when in order to maximise scores / scoring opportunities.

Playing Rules

The official rules of the LGFA will apply to all games however small sided games have the following modified rules which are applicable at under 11 level.

  • Play to commence with a throw in in the centre.
  • Throw in at centre after score.
  • Goal keeper may advance 13m for a kick out.
  • Two skills per possession, one hop one solo (in any order) or 2 solos.
  • The ball can be picked off the ground with the hands provided the player involved is on her feet.
  • A player who is fouled to take the free from her hands.
  • Opponents player who is nearest to the ball that crosses the sideline to take kick from her hands.
  • No frees closer than 13 m from the goals -no penalties instead award a 13 m free.
  • 45’s to taken 40M out and from the hand.
  • 3 points when the ball is played over the cross bar.
  • 1 point when the ball is played under the cross bar.
  • Referees decision is final.

Playing the Game

  • 11 v 11 inc goal keeper.
  • Pitch 90m x 100m approx.
  • Unlimited subs if applicable.
  • Players should rotate positions.
  • All players should get equal playing time.

Time Duration

  • 50 minutes games.
  • 25 minutes per half.
  • 1 Game per occasion.
  • €10 Referees Fee per team.


  • Well secured portable goal posts (4.5M x 2.2M).
  • Numbered Jerseys.
  • Smart Touch football.

Recommended Playing Area