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CCC1 and Dublin County Board fully support the recently updated Underage - Code of Behaviour - in relation to Young Players, Coaches, Supporters, Parents/Guardians, Referees and Clubs.

This Code has been agreed between the GAA, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the Camogie Association, GAA Handball Ireland and the Rounder’s Council of Ireland.

The full Code of Behaviour – Underage - is available to download and view at

Please note that Garda Vetting is now valid for 3 years and only those vetted since Jan 2020 are currently listed. Safeguarding must be completed every 3 years.


a. All U8-U12 games must be played under Go Games Rules as set out and available to view in the Go Games Information section.
b. The kick out mark, advance mark and sin bin rules are not applicable to Go-Games Rules
c. Mouth Guards must be used.
d. In Underage Hurling, up to and including U12 age grades, the use of metal bands on hurleys is prohibited unless the metal bands are taped over
e. Go Games equipment must always be used.
f. Correct Goalposts must be used at each age group and be securely positioned.
g. Correct size pitches must be adhered too.
h. Clubs found not to be adhering to Go Games Rules may be subject to a fine / sanction.
i. Teams must play equal numbers and in the event of insufficient numbers for 2/3 team groups the numbers should be reduced.
j. Under no circumstances should the numbers played be higher than stated in Go Games Rules. Referees must not be pressured, by mentors, into playing more than the maximum allowed numbers (specifically @ u12, 13-aside is the maximum number allowed).
k. If a club fails to fulfil their number of teams requirement (e.g. they can only play 2 teams when they are in a 3 team league) the opposition mentor should notify Parnell park of this fact - stating the date, the opposition, the venue and the number of opposition players who attended.
l. U12 allows a minimum of 11, maximum of 13 players. At U12 competitions both teams must play equal numbers and the MAXIMUM number available to both teams must be played e.g. if both sides have 12 then NO players are to be held back as substitutes.
If a team plays more players than their opposition have available to them (excluding injury during match), that team forfeit the points.
m. Mentors on both sides must contact each other by 7pm on a Friday before the Saturday match, if either cannot fulfil the following day’s fixture. The home mentor must then contact the ref co-ordinator.
n. An U12 Mentor is under no obligation to agree to reschedule a fixture, if the first contact is made on the Saturday morning, CCC1 will support the club who is in a position to play on the Saturday morning and the game will be awarded to that club
o. Bibs must be worn by all mentors – U8 to U12 –. Any person wearing a bib on the side-line, is deemed to be a mentor.
p. Team mentors failing to wear bibs will be fined €10 per team.

Further information on all football and hurling rules for all Go-Games can be found in the rules and regulations section of the site.


• If the home team’s pitch is unplayable the fixture must be played at opponent’s venue if playable, otherwise home team may forfeit the points.

Player Eligibility

• If a team has an issue about the eligibility of an opposing player, the mentor should ask the referee to:
a. Take the player’s name
b. Get the player’s signature
c. Get the player’s date of birth
d. Request the referee to report this to CCC1.
e. Issues of registration can only be dealt with by written request to Parnell Park from the club secretary with the query.
f. Note Rule 6.17 of GAA Official Guide covering Age Grades


a. Referee’s fees are
o U8 – U11 €10 per team
o U12 - €15 per team
b. The HOME team must contact the referee co-ordinator of the assigned club, to ensure the provision of a referee, at least 2 days in advance.
c. If a referee co-ordinator is not notified by the HOME team of a call off or change of venue/time, then the HOME team as listed for the fixture is liable for the full fee.
d. If a referee fails to show, the away team has the option to referee the game.
e. If they do not wish to exercise this option, then the home team MUST referee or concede the game.
f. All teams must implement the respect initiative.
g. Any injuries sustained during a game must be reported to the referee, so he/she can include in their match report.
h. Referees at U12 matches will report clubs for not wearing bibs, and this will result in a fine of €10 per club per game.
i. Referees at U8 to U11 matches will refer the non-wearing of bibs to their club ref co-ordinator.


a. All games are play or concede.
b. Only the Chairperson of CCC1 may officially call off or postpone a fixture.
c. Any fixture not played and not officially called off will result in a w/o if one team fails to field or will be void if both teams do not field.
d. In the event of bereavement, cancellation of fixtures will be at the discretion of the CCC1 only.
e. Fixtures that are called off without the consent of the CCC1 may result in a fine being imposed on the clubs. Official fixtures will not be called off for communions, confirmations, school entrance exams or invitations to tournaments outside the county by CCC1 – please plan ahead and organise to get official fixtures played in advance OR within 15 days of the original date with the consent of your Opposition AND CCC1


a. Results for U12 competitions must be returned via the Result Text received or by email to
b. Results must be returned prior to noon on the Monday after a weekend fixture or the next day for a midweek fixture.
c. The onus is on the home team to return results on time.
d. Clubs who do not return results on time will be subject to a fine.
e. For all U8, U9, U10 &U11 Fixtures, no results should be returned. However, if the set fixture fails to proceed, an email to with details is required. This is very IMPORTANT; otherwise CCC1 will reinstate the need for mentors to return results.

Declaring winners of U12 Leagues

a. If two teams end up on equal points a playoff must be played.
b. At the conclusion of all league games, if 3 or more teams are tied with the same number of points for 1st or 2nd place, all teams will participate in a blitz on the next available date in a format to be determined by CCC1.
c. In the event of teams being tied after the blitz, score difference will be used to decide the winner.
d. If teams are still tied, 5 minutes extra time will be played between those tied teams.

Other matters

• In all other matters the rules of GAA Official Guide will apply.