Thu, 20 June

U16 Football and Hurling Championship Regulations 2022

1. These rules cover both U16 Championship and Shield competitions

2. To be eligible to play in the U16 Championship, a Player shall have a birth date on or after January 1st 2006.

3. Each Championship will be played on a Round Robin basis, with group size based on entries, with a maximum of 12 teams in any given competition and shall be drawn, where possible, into three groups of 4 by open draw. A maximum of one team per club shall be allowed in any grade.

4. The drawing order will define the home and away fixture schedule as follows (following defines schedule for a 4 team group)

2022 08 27 Schedule
5. The top two teams in each group shall qualify for quarter-final or semi-final (dependent on number of teams entered in specific championship), while the bottom two teams will qualify for quarter final or semi-final of a shield competition with teams finishing in 1st and 3rd having home advantage in the subsequent round of the Championship and Shield respectively.
Of the three Group Winners, two of them will proceed into the Championship Semi Finals, the two selected by drawing of lots (They will also have Home advantage).
The three 2nd Placed Teams along with third Group Winner will take part in Championship Quarter Final draw (the third group winner can’t be paired with 2nd place from original group and will have home advantage).
Of the three Group 3rd place teams, two of them will proceed into the Shield Semi Finals, the two selected by drawing of lots (They will also have Home advantage).
The three 4th Placed Teams along with third 3rd place will take part in Shield Quarter Final draw (the third 3rd place team can’t be paired with 4th place from original group and will have home advantage).

6. The exception to regulation 5 will the following competitions (U16 Hurling C Championship, U16 Hurling D Championship, U16 Football F Championship) which will be played as a single round robin league.

7. When teams finish on equal league points for qualification for the concluding stages, the tie/’s shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified;

(i) Where two teams only are involved –

a) Outcome of the previous meeting of the two teams involved
b) Scoring Difference (subtracting the total Scores Against from total Scores For);
c) Highest Total Score For
d) A Play-off

(ii) Where more than two teams are involved –

a) Scoring difference (subtracting the total scores against from the total scores for) of the games where the teams tied on points played each other only.
b) Highest Total score for, in which only the teams involved, have played each other and finished equal in a)
c) A Play-off

In the event that a team involved in a tie consisting of two or more teams had their finishing points total affected by a loss of points against that team on a proven objection, forfeiture of points for breach of rule / regulation, or by loss of points for failing to fulfil a fixture, that team shall not be included in any play-off and shall deemed to have finished in last place in whatever means is used to decide the tie. The procedures outlined in 7 (i) and 7(ii) shall then be used to separate the remaining teams in the tie depending on number of teams still tied.

8. All games are play or concede with the following exception - the Chairperson or An Rúnaí of CCC2 may officially call off or postpone a fixture if he feels that the circumstances are exceptional.

9. If home pitch is unplayable and the away team has a playable pitch then the venue must be reversed. The home team will concede the game and be removed from the competition if they refuse to travel to the playable pitch.

10. In the case of a club that has control of its own pitches contact must be made by 6 p.m. on Friday for a Saturday game and by 12 p.m. on Saturday for a Sunday game or before 6 p.m. on the day before a midweek game by the home team declaring that their pitch is playable/unplayable.

11. If the home pitch is declared playable in these circumstances only the referee may subsequently deem it unplayable as per T.O. 2022. If the home team declares their pitches unplayable then Regulation 9 applies.

12. Should the home team declare their pitch unplayable after the times outlined in Regulation 10 without the referee’s consent when the away team has a playable pitch the home team will
forfeit the match if they do not travel to their opponent’s venue.

13. Under the regulations above where a home team has no playable pitch and the away team offers a pitch up to two hours before or after the official starting time of the fixture (but not earlier than 10 a.m. for a Sunday fixture) this shall become the official time of the fixture and the game must be played or conceded.

14. In the event of bereavements, cancellations will be at the discretion of the Chairperson or An Rúnaí of CCC2 only. A game will be given off only where the bereavement has a direct bearing on a particular team.

15. A player who plays in any U16 Championship / Shield match may not subsequently play in a lower status U16 Championship / Shield game in the same championship year.

16. All Weather/Artificial pitches are officially sanctioned by the Dublin County Board and clubs in possession of same or prepared to rent same are entitled to use them for any games including championship - Mentors are advised to check with their opposition (should they have an all weather pitch) as to the surface they intend to use, to ensure that adequate footwear is taken/ used.