Tue, 30 May


Stopping a Ground Ball

Roll & Block


Stopping Ground Ball H Drill 1stopping ground ball drill 01
This is a basic drill to practice the ground block technique


  • Mark out a distance of 5m using cones
  • Divide the players into pairs, one ball per pair
  • The first player from each pair rolls the ball gently to the strong side or between the legs of their partner who attempts to block it
  • Continue to alternate the roles, repeating the drill for a set time

STEP Variation

  • To increase the challenge: Increase the distance between the players and allow them to strike the sliotar
  • Against a wall: the player rolls the ball under arm against the wall and blocks the rebound
  • A large sliotar makes the technique easier to perform; a smaller sliotar makes it more difficult

More to follow....