Thu, 20 June

GO Games U12's Football Rules


At this age the players are almost playing full football rules but with still reduced playing numbers which will give young players better opportunity to develop their skills. U/12 is the first time referees record scores in an effort to make sure that teams are streamed in the right league for U13 competition.

Playing Rules

  • Play to commence with a throw up in center.
  • Goalkeeper may advance 10m for kickout.
  • The ball must be lifted off the ground using the toe.
  • ‘45’s’ are awarded. These will be taken from 40m out in line with where the ball went out of play.
  • If a free is conceded via an aggressive foul within 13m from the goal a penalty is awarded taken 11m from goal.
  • Technical free within the square is a penalty
  • A ‘square ball’ will be called by refs at this age.
  • No frees closer than 13m from the goals. (no Penalties)

Scoring System

  • 1 point when the ball is played over the crossbar.
  • 3 points when the ball is played under the crossbar.

Time Duration

  • 50 minute games.
  • 25 minutes per half.
  • 1 game per occasion.

Playing the Game

  • 13 v 13 (max) 11 v11 (min).
  • (90-100m) x (40-50m) or 20m line to 20m line
  • Teams must be streamed according to ability.
  • At this age teams are divided into divisional sections.


  • Portable Goal posts (15’ x 7’ or 4.5m x 2.2m).
  • 3 Smart Touch (Size 3) footballs - one placed behind either goal and one in play.

Recommended Playing Area

Streaming for Hurling and Football Competitions

This practice should govern the approach to streaming teams at u9, u10 & u11 level.

Teams are not streamed at u8.

Following discussion at the recent CCC1 County Delegates meeting on Tuesday April 29th 2013, the following has been agreed on the combinations for 2 team groups

For clubs with 4 teams (2 x 2 teams) - the panel should be split as follows;

'A1', 'A2', 'B1', 'B2'

'A1' and 'A2' should be equally divided from the strongest players of the panel. ie the top 50% of the panel. This is to ensure that if they played each other, both teams would be equally matched. The balance of the panel should then be divided into 'B1' and 'B2' as above.

The 2 team pairings for games should be 'A1 + 'B1' and 'A2 + 'B2'

Therefore if a club had 4 ( 11 a-side) teams with at U/11 named BAC 1 and BAC 2 and they played each other at U/11 , both games should be competitive.

For clubs with 5 teams the panels should be divided into A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. So you would have A1, B1 and C1 in 3 team group and A2 and B2 in 2 team group.

Same logic to be applied for clubs with more than 5 teams.