Thu, 20 June

CCC2 Regulations for All Finals – Parnell Park and Other Venues

These regulations are specific to CCC 2 Championship Finals inc Féile Finals. Other regulations in relation to Parnell Park & O’Toole Park are also in force for ALL games played there and should be adhered to. Your club secretary will be able to provide you with a copy of them.

1. Only four mentors may accompany the team inside the ground/fence. Bibs must be worn by all mentors .Only one mentor may move along the side line. All other mentors must remain seated in the area provided/back from the sideline. A mentor may not come onto the pitch without the permission of the referee. All subs must remain in the dugout/back from the sideline during the game unless warming up. A maximum of three subs may warm up at any one time

Penalty: €100 Fine

2. Teams may not return to the dressing room under any circumstances at half time or at full time if extra time is to be played.

Penalty: €200 Fine

3. Extra time must be played in all finals, 10 minutes per half in championship/shield finals. A team must present itself for extra time within five minutes of the end of normal time. ( check relevant competition regulations)

Penalty: For failure to field within the specified time: Forfeiture of game.

4. All requests from the media regarding team lists and photographs must be complied with in full.

Penalty: €200 Fine upon complaint from the media present.

5. Dressing rooms must be left in a tidy condition after use. Complaints from ground staff will attract a minimum fine if any damage is done. Damage that must be repaired will also be subject to a bill for all monies owed on said repairs.

Penalty: Fine of a minimum of €100 upon complaint from ground staff plus any damage requiring money to be paid for repair.

6. Players must make their way to the presentation area immediately when called. Post match team talks must take place after the presentation, not before. THIS REGULATION WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Penalty: €300 Fine

Please note that the entry to all CCC2 Championship Finals & Féile Finals will be €5. U/16’s are free but may be asked for identification. However, for the Féile Finals in April there will be no entry fee charged.
These regulations are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all finalists and their mentors. Please read them carefully and ensure they are observed on the day so that everyone may have an enjoyable day.