Tue, 23 July

Key Principles of GO Games

Go Games are small-sided versions of Hurling and Gaelic Football which have been devised for children up to and including 11 years of age.
All participants play in the full game.
Teams shall be a maximum of 7-a-side at Under-8 &, 9-a-side at Under-9 & 10 and 11-a-side at Under- 11 age levels.
Participant needs are catered for, where possible, on the basis of one year age cohorts i.e. U.8, U.9 U10 & U.11 in a manner consistent with the ethos of Go Games.
Activities are structured in a manner which optimizes the level of fun, friendship, fair play and achievement derived by participants.
Participants train and play in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to risk error, to learn and to derive maximum enjoyment from their involvement.
Players master the basic skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football and experience the sense of accomplishment, which derives from acquiring playing proficiency on the left and right hand side of the body.
The scores are not recorded for any of the Go Games.
Coaches are encouraged to highlight specific coaching focus at each age grade.
Everybody involved in Go Games, whether as players, parents/guardians, spectators, mentors, officials etc., should adhere to the key underpinning principles and give expression to the GAA ‘Give Respect, Get Respect’ initiative.