Thu, 20 June

Fundamentals Moving Well/Being Well

Vertical Jumps

Space Jumps

Space Traveling 1

Space Traveling 2

Catching Stars

Jump & Catch

Standing Balance

Standing Stork

Which Way to Balance

Balancing Act

Finding Our Balance

Two Hand Catch

Introduction to Catching

Catch & Clap

Froggy Fly Catcher

Action Catching

Fast Frog Challenge


How to Hop

Hopping Maths

Speed Hopping Over & Back

Speed Hopping Side 2 Side

Lava Maze 1

Lava Maze 2

Grid Race


Learn to March

Whats a Skip & Skip 2 Music

Skipping Musical Status


Learning to Leap

Pots of Gold Challenge

Land Sea Air 1

Land Sea Air 2

Crazy Counting

Confused Counting

Horizontal Jump

Monkey Jumps

Cross the Jungle

Flying Fish

Catch a Flying Fish

One Hand Catch

How to Catch

Catch Co-ordination

Hand Pass Intro

Hand Pass to Partner

Hand Pass Challenge

Frog Jumps

Jump Like a Frog

Frog Life Cycle

Nature Walk

Spring March

One Hand Strike

Remember how 2 Hand Pass


Intro to Striking

Strike Circuit