Mon, 27 May

GO Games U9's Football Rules


To consolidate the basic technical skills developed at age 7/8 level (catching and kicking) in an environment where players are also encouraged to develop tactical awareness/prowess i.e. decide on the best option in terms of making use of and/or creating time and space.

Playing Rules

  • Play to commence with a throw up in center.
  • Goalkeeper may advance 10m for a kick out.
  • After a score, the play recommences with a kickout from the goal keeper.
  • The player may carry the ball for one hop and one solo.
  • The ball must be lifted off the ground using the toe.
  • ‘45’s’ are awarded. These will be taken from 32m out from where the ball crosses the line.
  • No frees closer than 13m from the goals. (no Penalties)
  • A player who is fouled to take the free out of the hands from where the foul occurred.

Coaching Focus

  • Good Catching.
  • Kicking on the run
  • Introducing soloing
  • Coaches to encourage players to perform the two handed block

Time Duration

  • 50 minute games.
  • 25 minutes per half.
  • 1 game per occasion.

Playing the Game

  • 7v7 (Minimum applicable from 2024 season) 9v9 (Max).
  • (65-70m) X (40-45m).
  • 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 mid-fielders, 3 attackers.
  • Teams must be streamed according to ability.
  • All players to rotate positions after each half.


  • Well secured portable goal posts
  • U/9- (10’ x 6’ or 3m x 1.8m).
  • Jerseys.
  • Three Quick Touch (Size Footballs - one placed behind each goal and one in play).

Recommended Playing Area