Thu, 20 June

GO Games U8's Football Rules


To develop the basic technical skills (catching and kicking) in a controlled competitive environment.

Playing Rules

  • Play to commence with a throw up in center.
  • Throw in at centre after score.
  • Goalkeeper may advance 10m for a kick out.
  • The player may cary the ball for one hop and one solo.
  • The ball may be lifted off the ground with hands, provided the player involved is on his/her feet.
  • A player who is fouled to take the free from hands.
  • When a team plays the ball over its own end line, opponents are awarded a free from the hand from 20m line directly opposite the goal.(A45)
  • All frees should be taken directly opposite the goal.
  • No frees closer than 10m from the goals. (No Penalties.)
  • Side to side charge is permitted.

Coaching Focus

Coaches should highlight the following:

  • Good Catching.
  • Kicking for scores.
  • Encourage kicking over the bar.

Time Duration

  • 25 minute games.
  • 12.5 minutes per half.
  • At least 2 games per occasion.

Playing the Game

  • 5 v 5 (Minimum applicable from 2024 season) 7v7 (Max)
  • 45m x 30m approx.
  • Teams of mixed ability (no streaming.)
  • All players to rotate positions after each half.


  • Well secured portable goal posts (3m x 1.8m)
  • Training poles can be used as goal posts if necessary.
  • Bibs or Jerseys.
  • Quick Touch (Size 2) footballs - one placed behind each goal and one in play.

Recommended Playing Area