Mon, 27 May

Camogie Under 12 Rules


To enable young camogie players to perform technical skills correctly and consistently.

To support young camogie players with developing team play

Team Size/Participation

  • Maximum 13-a-side.
  • Each Sub should play a minimum of a full half of each game.
  • Players should rotate positions.
  • Unlimited subs

Pitch Dimensions

  • Pitch no longer than 105. Long (20m line to 20m line).
  • Make pitch smaller, if appropriate.


  • None


  • Minimum 10min to maximum 25min per half.


  • Well secured goalposts; Minimum 8ft x 6ft to maximum 15ft x 7 ft.


  • Size 3 Smart Touch.


  • With Throw in at halfway mark.
  • All other players must stand 10m away from player taking.

Outfield Play

Full rules expect:

  • Solo Run up to 10m permitted.


  • Catch, Lift into the hand and strike or Ground Strike at all times.
  • No kicking the ball.
  • May use leg to block/save.

Frees/'45's/Sideline - 'Nearest Player'

  • Strike and lift.
  • All opposing players should be at least 10m from player taking.
  • Free pucks should be no closer than 20m from opposing end line.
  • No hop /solo

Nearest Player

  • Frees: Player who is fouled or nearest fouled ball takes.
  • Sideline; Player nearest ball when crosses line takes.
  • ‘45’s’; Player who last strikes the ball on attacking team takes from halfway line, in line where ball crosses end line.
  • Referee chooses player nearest/last struck to take free.


  • 2 points for over crossbar and 3 points for goal.


  • Shoulder charge is not permitted but incidental contact is permitted.
  • No rectangle rules apply.